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Video Series for the Canadian Human Rights Commission

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As part of their indigenous languages mandate the Canadian Human Rights Commission engaged Earthlore to create and produce a series of plain language video segments. These videos were to provide a candid, clear understanding of the basic human rights ensured by Canadian law and enforced through the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

Every person is born with human rights. It is your right to be treated fairly. Canada has laws to protect your human rights.

These videos were produced with actual “real-life” members of the Aboriginal community –not simply hired talent– and would convey a genuine, down-to-earth tone. Broadcast in three distinct languages, Cree, Dëne and Ojibway, the videos would cover a variety of different topics such as; Sexual Harassment; Discrimination and How To go about filing a complaint.

The challenge involved how to go about translating a very policy heavy and process laden English script, into a more concise and genuine narrative of imagery and dialogue that would have more meaning and resonate better with regional and local Aboriginal communities.

Sometimes people or governments don’t respect your rights. If they treat you differently, and if they treat you badly because of things like your age or race, or because of a disability or who you’re related to, then this is called discrimination.

To achieve this, Earthlore brought in a team of Aboriginal Elders and language specialists tasked with translating the original script into something more meaningful, often this involved the creation of entirely new Aboriginal terms and syntax which previously had no corresponding references in the English language. The team traveled to a variety of remote communities across Canada to source out recognizable spokespeople amongst the Aboriginal nations, who would lend their wisdom and voice to this production.

The Canadian Human Rights Act protects you from discrimination by the federal government, First Nations governments, government agencies called “crown corporations” such as Canada Post, and businesses over-seen by the federal government such as banks.

The end result is a unique series of landmark stories, documenting the basic rights of respect, dignity and equality guaranteed to Aboriginal Peoples throughout Canada.

June 19, 2015 – Official Press Release put out by CHRC

Link to CHRC YouTube Channel

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