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The Arctic Inspiration Prize is a multi-national competition that recognizes and promotes teams who have made a substantial contribution to the gathering of Arctic knowledge and who have provided a concrete plan to bridge and implement their knowledge into real world application for the benefit of the Canadian Arctic, its peoples, and therefore Canada as a whole.


The motivation for the Arctic Inspiration Prize is derived from our wish as immigrants to contribute to the future of our adopted country of choice with a focus on the Canadian Arctic and its major challenges in the face of rapid changes in environment, culture, technology, and economy.The purpose of the Prize is to recognize excellence and encourage teamwork among diverse groups in order to use or expand Arctic knowledge and bring it into action for the decisive benefit of the Canadian Arctic, its inhabitants, and therefore for Canada as a whole. The intended use of media and social network communication is to put these actions in the spotlight, in order to amplify their impact. It is our dream and hope that in addition to our contribution, other individuals and organizations from north and south, will contribute and help make the Arctic Inspiration Prize a long lasting success.


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