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EarthLore develops its creative, visually powerful communication solutions in the beautiful, rustic Trailhead building at the corner of Scott Street and McRae Street.

Come visit us!

If you’re looking for a full-service, Aboriginal-owned communications firm that understands the cultural-, social-, and language-issues that will influence your communication strategy, please talk to us.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, it’s really worth a visit. With its Douglas Fir post-and-beam construction, the building (one of the largest of its kind in Canada) is a natural compliment to, and a wellspring of, inspiration.

Call on us!

EarthLore Communications
1960 Scott Street, Suite 201,
Ottawa, ON K1Z 8L8
Telephone: 613.722.1584
Fax: 613.722.0207

For more information contact:

John Dione, Principal and President
[email protected]

Don Runge, Principal and Managing Partner
[email protected]

Sid Lee, Creative Director
[email protected]

Barb Barkley, Production Coordinator
[email protected]

Dorothy Dione, Principal and Manager, Administration
[email protected]

Delia Coates, Senior Designer
[email protected]

Mark Strong, Production Artist
[email protected]

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