EarthLore is a specialized, Aboriginal-owned communications firm that provides a full suite of integrated services that span all aspects of communication – from planning and assessments to creative implementation – in both print and electronic media.

You may be wondering about our name – why EarthLore? When translated in Cree, EarthLore means “stories and legends from the Earth.” That’s a good definition: it embodies the essence of who we are and what we do. Since opening our doors more than 20 years ago we have been drawn to challenging subject matter that demands an elegant, emotionally powerful visual solution.

We have a passion for challenging subject matter that requires strong, visually compelling solutions. Our creative results are always grounded with sound strategic thinking and an innate understanding and sensitivity of the issues at hand. – Don Runge, Principal

Today, organizations turn to us for one of two things: They require Aboriginal-focused communication expertise, or an ability to develop visually expressive solutions for difficult subject matter. That’s why organizations in various industry sectors turn to us for help with their communication challenges in the areas of health, finance, and technology.

Our approach is highly flexible and based on more than 20 years of direct experience with a broad range of customs, cultures, and challenges.

What we bring to every project is passion and a sincere interest to learn about different cultures and customs, and to leverage this insight to communicate effectively with any audience.

Our approach is:

  • Never formulaic – it is always customized to the specific needs of the campaign or project-at-hand;
  • Ideally suited to topics that require heightened sensitivity and strong, visually expressive solutions that transcend language – to communicate on a visceral, emotional level; and
  • Highly team-centric: with each other, to ensure we leverage our varied skills and experience; and with our clients, who we treat as a partner and stakeholder in the creative process.

Our approach is always unique, but the outcome is the same: solutions that “speak to the heart” through emotionally moving, culturally appropriate visual language.